What to Expect

People are often nervous, especially if they haven't been before. They have often heard different stories about what happens during the appointment, however once they have taken their first step towards a healthier life, they realise it wasn't as bad as they thought.


On the  first appointment a full case history will be taken from the you and that includes any previous medical conditions, accidents or operations so that a full picture of a persons health can be obtained. If you have any scans or X-ray or written reports then please bring them with you.   


Following the case history, an examination takes place. This may involve a number of musculoskeletal tests and examining various parts of the body to see not only where the symptom site is but also what may be causing those symptoms, which may originate from a completely different area. Once a complete examination has be completed, then a discussion will take place between you and the therapist as to what is causing the symptoms and how they can be best alleviated. A treatment plan is then agreed between the both of you. 


Following on from this, a holistic treatment approach will be used. This can take many forms from gentle massage,, muscle energy techniques, gentle adjustment and movement of a joint and may also include ultra sound or taping therapy. Treatment, as with examination, may take place in another area to the one causing symptoms as often symptoms can be caused by different areas in the body, leading to symptom  referral.   At the end of the appointment, you will be  then offered advice on how to manage your symptoms till the next appointment which may include stretches or exercises to perform at home or at work and what movements to  avoid to help your recovery. 


It is vitally important to your recovery that you fully engaged in the healing process so at any time during the appointment, you are free to ask any questions. If you are unsure why something is  happening then please feel at free to ask for an  explanation. If you feel uncomfortable at any time during treatment then  please tell the therapist so that another technique can be used.


Following on from treatment you will probably be offered another appointment to continue your recovery. Unfortunately, presenting problems are very rarely 'fixed' during your first treatment and thats where your agreed treatment plan will help you on your road to recovery. It is important you keep your appointments, even if the initial symptoms have subsided, as the underlying problem may still be present  Often  aches and pains are the last symptom to present and the first symptom to reduce when you have problem and therefore just because your aches and pains have reduced, unless the underlying issue is fixed, symptoms may return very quickly, leading to more treatment, longer recovery time and more expense.


After your appointment you may feel discomfort. This is a normal reaction to treatment and may last up to 24 hours. If you are concerned at any time regarding your symptoms then please feel free to contact the clinic and we will do our best to help. 


Remember our the clinic aim is to get you better, fast. The quicker you recovery the happier you'lle and in turn the happier we will be.